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Prior notificationsPrior Notifications


The Prior Notification or Prior Approval process is designed to be a quicker and simpler process than having to make a full planning application to your local Council.  The scope for its use continues to be broadened by the Government providing extensive opportunities for development.

Amongst other things, a Prior Notification/Approval can be used for the erection of agricultural buildings or their associated development (e.g road, irrigation ponds etc); the change of use of agricultural buildings, offices and storage buildings to dwellings and other uses; and for certain types of householder permitted development.

Although the process requires the provision of less information than a full planning application and has a more definitive determination date, navigation of the statutory requirements and demonstrating compliance can be lengthy and complicated.

We are highly experienced in dealing with the entire range of Prior Notification/Approval applications and we have an enviable success rate for using these to obtain residential conversions and new farm buildings.