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Listed BuildingsListed Buildings


We are able to provide a range of services in connection with works to listed buildings and relating to properties in Conservation Areas. We have experience in connection with all grades of listed buildings and work closely with Conservation Officers and English Heritage.

We are able to advise at a pre-application stage as to the impact on conservation policies and we are able to meet and discuss proposals with Conservation Officers. We can also advise on whether the provision of a Heritage Statement will be required. We can prepare Heritage Statements to accompany Planning and Listed Building applications to justify the proposed works and to assess the impact of the proposal on the heritage asset. Where required, detailed drawings, specifications and photographs can be prepared to provide appropriate reports for Councils prior to works being carried out on listed buildings.

Listed Building Consents are required for works and alterations to any listed building. We can provide the appropriate advice if you propose on carrying out works to a listed building. It should be noted that carrying out works to a listed building without consent is a criminal offence, punishable by a fine or term of imprisonment.

We can also advise on whether an object, structure or other building is deemed to be within the curtilage of the listed building and whether it is therefore governed by listed building regulations or not.