Strawberry plants

Mobile homes to support soft fruit business

Bloomfields have successfully gained consent for the storage of four mobile homes for seasonal agricultural workers, when they are not in use. This consent provides agricultural workers accommodation on the farm and allows for the necessary infrastructure to be put in place so that the mobile homes do not need to be removed when they […]

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002 - Size doesn't matter agri barn conv

size doesn’t matter in agricultural barn conversion

Bloomfields have given their client the opportunity to convert a small redundant brick barn to a house.  Whilst achieving such conversions are routine for Bloomfields, this case was slightly different in that the building proposed for conversion was only 25 square metres.  Although limited in size, now that permission has been achieved, this means the […]

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Agri portal frame bldg

Planning Permission to convert three large portal framed buildings

Bloomfields is pleased to have successfully obtained planning permission for the conversion of three large portal-framed buildings into detached dwellings. Following the Council’s determination that permitted development rights would not be available for the change of use of the buildings due to the imposition of a restrictive condition, we have managed to work with Officers […]

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Another day, another building permitted for conversion

Another client in the Ashford area is benefitting from planning permission for the conversion of a barn. Yet again this barn had a history of refused planning applications for conversion which were able to be picked apart by Bloomfields’ former Planning Officers. This time the barn was permitted due to the structural work required and […]

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Class Q structural integrity success

Following the refusal of the prior approval for the change of use of an agricultural building to residential, on the grounds of structural integrity, Bloomfields provided advice to their client regarding the best way of presenting a successful re-submission. The application was re-submitted to the Council with significant structural justification and analysis of the legislation, […]

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Gwillim picture


Bloomfields has secured prior approval for the conversion of an agricultural building to a house with a first floor, utilising a bespoke design for the floors integration within the main frame. Despite the reservations of the Local Planning Authority about the inclusion of a first floor, Bloomfields overcame the Council’s concerns by showing how the first floor […]

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Cattle Shelter

Cattle Shelter Approved in Flood Zone 3

Despite being located within Flood Risk Zone 3, Bloomfields demonstrated that a Flood Risk Assessment did not need to be provided to justify a new barn in the countryside.  Bloomfields provided the necessary agricultural justification to demonstrate a barn was needed in this location and estimated the quantity of hay that could be produced on […]

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Quince Cottage Development - Visual - Reduced - 16 June 2017 - Revised Background Version - Lower Colour Saturation (Medium)

Redevelopment of farm and industrial yard

Bloomfields have secured the grant of planning permission for the redevelopment of a large site that includes demolition of part and conversion of a workshop building to form a detached four bedroom dwelling with a courtyard garden, extension and alterations to a residential dwelling to provide a 3/4 bedroom dwelling and demolition of a further […]

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barn - generic picture

Change of Use and Buildings Operations Success Against the Odds

Bloomfields have gained permission for the change of use and building operations, under the provisions of Class Q, for an attractive barn on a large estate. Against extremely restrictive odds (at the time of submission only 3 out of 35 Class Q applications had been approved within the determining Authority) Bloomfields successfully prepared and negotiated […]

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Apple barrels in orchard

Opportunity given to smallholding for diversification and expansion

Bloomfields has successfully gained permission for a new agricultural building to support a rapidly expanding smallholding. Our client wanted to diversify from their juice production to bespoke African cider and mead. Bloomfields successfully set out to the Council the specific requirements of the building in terms of storage, staff facilities and production. Thus the building […]

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