Sepham - De-listing of Historic Farmhouse


Bloomfields successfully de-listed a 1970s farmhouse within Sevenoaks District Council.  This process involved applications, site visits and consultation periods with Historic England before a full report was sent to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport for their consideration. The Secretary of State will then decide to remove the property from its Listing Class […]

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Brotherton - Twyssenden (Feb)

Conversion of portal-framed building on historic farmstead approved together with landscape enhancements

Deep in the heart of the Kent countryside nestling in idyllic surroundings, there is a manor house set within a 258 acre estate.  The principal house in part dates back hundreds of years to the late medieval period, and is designated a Grade II listing being of Special Architectural Interest and Historic Note. Within this […]

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A C Goatham - Controlled Atmosphere Storage (Jan 2019)

Controlled Atmosphere Storage for over 17,000 bins of topfruit and new bin pad

Bloomfields was proud to support the top fruit industry and their client in obtaining planning permission for over 3,500 square metres of CA stores and a new bin pad storage area.  This was achieved without the requirement for this application to go to the Planning Committee, even though the facility was large and in the […]

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Pascall - Tractor Shed (Dec 2018)

996m² agricultural storage building

Bloomfields has successfully utilised the extended permitted development rights that are now available to agricultural holdings to provide up to 1000 square metres of development. Farming practices are evolving fast, with a constant requirement to keep up with technology and improve efficiency, and the allowance of buildings and development area of up to 1000 square […]

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Manser - Expansion of Agricultural Business

Permission granted to facilitate the expansion of cattle-rearing business in AONB

Bloomfields has successfully obtained permission for two new agricultural buildings and an extension to an existing building to support a cattle farm.  The new buildings will provide accommodation for calves in order to facilitate new and young stock, and the extension will incorporate a new office to improve the record keeping and management of an […]

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A C Goatham - Mobile Homes to Support Fruit Farm

Mobile homes to support fruit farm

Bloomfields has gained permanent consent for alternative siting relating to the storage and retention of seasonal agricultural workers’ mobile homes. Our client wished to relocate mobiles, due to land ownership constraints. The application was submitted with significant agricultural justification, as well as highlighting changes in planning policy. This supporting information ensured that there were no […]

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Kent AONB logo (June-July)


Following previous approval for two homes at a former agricultural site on top of the Kent Downs, approval has been obtained this week for further seven new homes. These nine new homes will be set within an attractive rural landscape, which forms part of the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We continue to […]

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A C Goatham - Construction Underway Cold Store Facility (June)

Construction underway

It is always pleasing to see progress being made on buildings after Bloomfields has obtained planning permission, and equally pleasing when your efforts are recognised by others.  It was a welcome surprise therefore to get a mention in the June edition of South East Farmer magazine by the Scorpion Building team, who are building the […]

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Pascall Hatchgate Rankins - June 2018

9ha of polytunnels approved with ecological enhancements for SSSI AND 10ha of polytunnels approved

Bloomfields has successfully gained permanent consent for a total of 19ha of polytunnels on two green field sites for a soft fruit farmer, one site of which is adjacent to a SSSI river. An Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Opinion was submitted prior to the design and submission for the sensitive development, in order to ensure […]

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Cottage Farms Ltd (Browning C) - 5,000m2 of Development Approved (31 May)

5,000m2 of development approved to support the expansion of a business

Bloomfields has met its client’s requirement to obtain planning approval for a storage facility and yard extension within a required timeframe. This has made applying for grant funding possible. This is not only a fantastic planning achievement for the team and the client’s business, but one which has the potential to significantly reduce the build […]

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