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Bodle - Groombridge Place (June) (GM)

Lawful Development Certificate approved for large scale tourist destination at Kent and Sussex border

We were pleased to have drawn a successful conclusion to planning matters at Groombridge Place this year.  Having been in discussion with our colleagues at the Local Planning Authority over the last couple of years, we have sought to provide the necessary evidence and information to demonstrate the commercial use of land and buildings at […]

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Rochester Airport - Relocation of Helipads & Provision of Landing Pads (Jan 2019)

Relocation of Helipads and the provision of landing pads

Bloomfields has worked with Rochester Airport to deliver a range of projects at the airport.  This has included the relocation of two helipads and the de-commissioning of another within the site.  This was a contentious application, which required the support of Highways England with regard to the site’s proximity to the M2 Motorway and HS2 […]

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A C Goatham - Controlled Atmosphere Storage (Jan 2019)

Controlled Atmosphere Storage for over 17,000 bins of topfruit and new bin pad

Bloomfields was proud to support the top fruit industry and their client in obtaining planning permission for over 3,500 square metres of CA stores and a new bin pad storage area.  This was achieved without the requirement for this application to go to the Planning Committee, even though the facility was large and in the […]

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Cottage Farms Ltd (Browning C) - 5,000m2 of Development Approved (31 May)

5,000m2 of development approved to support the expansion of a business

Bloomfields has met its client’s requirement to obtain planning approval for a storage facility and yard extension within a required timeframe. This has made applying for grant funding possible. This is not only a fantastic planning achievement for the team and the client’s business, but one which has the potential to significantly reduce the build […]

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Microsoft Word - Image P.16.030.1776 Pennington

Change of Use of agricultural building to B1 (Business)

Bloomfields has obtained approval  for the Change of Use of a former agricultural building to B1 (Business), using the Class R permitted development rights. Within the application, Bloomfields provided a robust case with supporting information to prove that the conversion was feasible and the works could be carried out without the need for major rebuilding, […]

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Certificate of Lawful Use Issued for Commercial Use of Stable

Bloomfields have obtained the unrestricted B2 commercial use of a former stable building and the associated yard through the submission of a Certificate of Lawful Use at the site. Within the submission justification and evidence for the building use and yard was compiled and succinctly demonstrated to the Council that the use had been in […]

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Strawberry plants

Mobile homes to support soft fruit business

Bloomfields have successfully gained consent for the storage of four mobile homes for seasonal agricultural workers, when they are not in use. This consent provides agricultural workers accommodation on the farm and allows for the necessary infrastructure to be put in place so that the mobile homes do not need to be removed when they […]

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003 - light ind bldg to house

light industrial building to a house in the green belt

Having already confirmed the change of use of a building from an office to a house, Bloomfields have achieved a further permission on a site in the Green Belt to change the use of an industrial unit to a further house.  This has given our client a range of options for their site. During the […]

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001 - Env Permit for Sea Defence Bund

environmental permit for sea defence bund

Our client was considering the change of use of their site for the purposes of being able to utilise land for a range of uses; however, the site was adjacent to the sea and therefore susceptible to flooding.  After some discussion the opportunity was taken to progress an application through the Environment Agency for a […]

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08 031 1667

Permission gained for holiday cottage

Bloomfields has gained full planning permission for the erection of a holiday cottage. A suitable scheme was agreed following significant negotiation with the Local Authority. Within the application Bloomfields provided a robust case with supporting information to prove that the proposed holiday cottage would see a significant enhancement to the landscape following the removal of […]

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