Bakersfield plan

Housing land supply test case

90 dwellings in Rainham allowed on appeal

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Workshop to house

Following the refusal of the initial application by the council, approval has now been granted for the conversion of a timber-framed workshop into a detached residence

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Demolition of extensions prevented

Enforcement action avoided for side and rear extension

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Atcost barn to residential

Good working relationship with planners allows conversion of concrete barn into house to go ahead

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Appeal allowed for infill development of a modest executive home

Successful appeal application for a new home on a greenfield site despite previous refusal from the Council

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Bungalow replaced with two detached houses despite history of refusals

Despite previous refusals, planning permission was obtained for two detached houses, all whilst overcoming critical drainage issues

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Challenge Fencing

New trading site for fencing company in Maidstone

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